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Day 1: Wow’s a Go!

In my last post, I mentioned a behavior contract I introduced to Thomas. In a
nutshell, it was an agreement between me and him that if he did well in school,
he’d get to play Wow that day and if he didn’t do well, he’d forego wow for the

Today was the first full day that agreement was in effect and the difference in
his performance was noticeable. He’s worked really hard and improved vastly
in various areas over the last year or so. But in the last couple of weeks, he’s
really been dragging his feet.

At first, we determined his meds were no longer doing the trick. We upped them
and they seemed to be working. And again, we hit a wall with his behavior. I had
a gut feeling that his behavioral issues (being really impulsive, not paying attention,
not being able to follow directions and generally acting out) had nothing to do with
the meds, but more to do with his attitude.

The quick and complete turnaround of his behavioral performance on the heels of
instituting the behavior contract was rather telling today. Thomas loves Wow.
Absolutely loves it. With some wow play time as the proverbial carrot, he busted
his butt today.

His teacher sends home a journal that we communicate through (in addition to
morning time visits) and today, she wrote:

“Thomas had an excellent day. He tried hard all day to focus.”

Needless to say, Thomas is getting his wow game time in right now. This isn’t
something I’m going to follow every day. I’m sure he’s going to have his ups and
downs but it was definitely something I wanted to share.

Things are getting better for Thomas. There’ll be a little tweaking here and there
to improve things, but we’re definitely making progress.


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